Parish Councillors

Roger Smith

Little Orchard, 13 Harby Lane, Plungar

Tel. 01949 860276 Email:

Tom Parry (Chairman)

Chesters Farmhouse, Middle Street, Barkestone le Vale

Tel: 01949 842074 E-mail:

Jill Barlow (Vice Chairman)

Springdale, 4 Granby Lane, Plungar

Tel: 01949 869080  E-mail:

Ian Lowther

8 Church Corner, Redmile

Tel: 01949 843847 Email:

Amanda Johnson

Low Barn, 4 Bakers Lane, Redmile


Tel: 01949 843960 Email:



Steven Jackson

15 Fishpond Lane, Barkestone le Vale

Tel: 01949 844496 Email:

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Parish Clerk - Michele Jones

Michele Jones
Clerk to Barkestone, Plungar & Redmile Parish Council
28 Cross Lane
Burton Lazars
Leicestershire  LE14 2UH

01664 565273

Borough Councillor - Mrs P. Baguley

Orchard Farm, 8 Chapel Street, Barkestone Le Vale,
Nottingham. NG13 0HE

Telephone Home 01949 842652
Mobile 07703 200902

Borough and County Councillor - Mr B. Rhodes

35, Watsons Lane, Harby. Tel. 01949 860029

Member of Parliament - Alan Duncan MP

House of Commons, London. W1A 1AA

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