The objectives of the Village Design Statements are to describe the distinctive character of the three villages in the parish as they are today (2007) and to highlight the qualities valued by their residents.

From these qualities, design principles based on the distinctive local character of the settlements have been drawn up to guide future development and maintenance.

This Village Design Statements have been prepared in conjunction with the Planning Department of Melton Borough Council, liaison with the Barkestone, Plungar and Redmile Parish Council and consultation open to the residents of the three villages.
The Village Design Statement draws on local knowledge and residents’ views of how they would like to see their communities develop. Information was gathered by a variety of means including:-

  • Consultation with Melton Borough Council
  • Village Walks
  • Photographic survey of the villages
  • Displays in each of the villages open to every resident
  • Questionnaires available at the displays
  • Newsletter and notices issued to every household
  • Consultation with the Rural Communities Council
  • Historic and archive records

The aim is to ensure that future development and changes will reflect the valued and traditional features of each settlement and be seen as a beneficial and positive influence on the character of each of the parish villages. The Statement is accordingly addressed to:

  • Statutory bodies and public authorities
  • Planners, developers, builders, architects, designers, engineers
  • Local community groups
  • Householders and businesses

The Statement was adopted as a Local Design Statement on the 7th March 2007 by Melton Borough Council. A Local Design Statement is not a statutory planning document but can be used as informal guidance within the planning system. This VDS is a material consideration that will be taken into account by Melton Borough Council when determining planning applications.

The guidance in the VDS amplifies and compliments the policies contained in the adopted Melton Local Plan and should be taken into account by any party, including the Council, who are involved in the planning application process. There is also an expectation that development which falls outside of the planning application process should also take into account the guidance which has been developed by the community.

The intended audience of the guidance includes:

  1. prospective developers – of both new builds and extensions/adaptations;
  2. any party involved in the decision-making process (where applications are required) including consultees (such as Parish Councils) and the Borough Council which is empowered to make the final decision; and
  3. the local community, including those who wish to undertake development (regardless of whether a planning application is required) and those who are affected by development.

The community, planners and developers should take the VDS’ contents fully into account in order to ensure that any development within the parish reflects the traditional design features in each of the three villages. Where development falls outside of the scope of the planning process, the local community and parish council should look to implement the VDS through considerate negotiation despite the lack of a formal process.

It is anticipated that the analysis and information contained within the Village Design Statement will be a valuable tool, particularly in circumstances where it is necessary to demonstrate why a development is out of keeping. This does not alter the decision-making mechanisms established by law within the Planning Act. It will remain important that the content of the Village Design Statement be applied to the specific context of individual proposals. Failure to meet its guidelines will not always be grounds upon which to resist a development, unless it can be shown that such failure causes significant harm to its surroundings.

Copies of the statements are available below to download.

Barkestone Village Design Statement (0.5 MB)
Adopted as a Local Design Statement on the 7th March 2007 by Melton Borough Council.
General Introduction (37.6 KB)
An overall introduction to the Village Design Statements for the parish of Barkestone, Plungar and Redmile.
Plungar Village Design Statement (0.9 MB)
Adopted as a Local Design Statement on the 7th March 2007 by Melton Borough Council.
Redmile Village Design Statement (1.7 MB)
Adopted as a Local Design Statement on the 7th March 2007 by Melton Borough Council.

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